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Service to Fit Every Need

Our goal at The Construction Coordinators, LLC is to make every construction project affordable and comfortable for our homeowners. Our customers have a wide range of skills, knowledge and contacts. We offer 3 different levels of service that will benefit virtually every type of homeowner, and all sorts of different budgets. Whether you want to strap on the tool belt or you just want to point and click to view your projects status, TCC has you covered.

TCC Online

“TCC Online” provides our customers with the unsurpassed preconstruction services that have become synonymous with The Construction Coordinators, LLC. “TCC Online” is the lowest level of service offered. Our clients that choose this level of service typically have a background in construction, but just need a little help organizing and planning their project.

TCC Management

“TCC Management” is the core of our company. It offers our customers complete construction consulting & management services. You will have the opportunity to have all the freedom you want when doing your project. With “TCC Management,” You the Owner, will act as the general contractor. TCC will act as the construction manager and job supervisor. We will be with you every step of the way. Our assistance will start at the planning and design stage and will conclude after a one year post closing maintenance walk through. TCC will develop a custom project schedule and load it on our website for easy access. We will supervise the entire construction process of your project with weekly job site visits. We can also assist with setting up a loan or deciding on property suitable to build on.

TCC Builders

“TCC Builders” is our full service general contractor. It provides our customers with the traditional general contractor feel. TCC is a licensed contractor through the State of Minnesota. “TCC Builders” utilizes many of the same tools and provides you with a similar experience as “TCC Management.” The biggest difference is that TCC will act as the general contractor, not the owner. Many of our customers that choose “TCC Builders” do not want to be or can’t be as involved in the construction process. You will be asked to make necessary selections, but many of the day to day operations will be handled by us. We will manage every aspect of your project when you choose “TCC Builders.” You can be as involved as much or as little as you like, and we will handle the rest!